Gonna get in my car and go

2,697 miles, give or take. Two weeks for me and my General Lee to make it all the way around.

From Memphis past Nashville and its country music heritage to the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. Then I wind ┬ámy way across, around and through the hills for two days until I get to West Virginia to see my good friend Sophia. We’ll visit some of the local highlights like Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house, the fair city of Pittsburgh, and ample whitewater rafting opportunities. Apparently, there will also be rollerskating involved.

Then, across Pennsylvania to Baltimore and Washington DC where I will be educated by the good professor Yoav. After two days, I head South into North Carolina to spend some quality time with Will and the lovely people around him. It’s been too long!

The last couple of days I’ll need to make my way back to Memphis, but not before stopping in Savannah to take in some of its classic Southern charm. And the sweltering, 40 degree, 100% humidity heatwave that will have struck Georgia by then. A quick detour along Florida’s panhandle beaches before heading back up.

Should be quite the trip, and there are a few days where I will spend the better part of the day in my car, but that’s something I’m quite looking forward to. Just me, the car, some good tunes, and a gorgeous landscape that rolls by. A great way to get this year started!

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  2. freda van der weide says:

    Hoi Arjan,

    Ik las net je verhaal uit thailand,geweldig. ik ben er ook geweest,kon dus goed een voorstelling maken van je verhaal.
    Van je moeder hoorde ik dat je vanwege financien eerder terug komt,jammer voor jou dat je ontdekkingsreis dan moet stoppen.Voor je moeder wel fijn.
    Nog een hele fijne tijd toegewenst.Tante Freda

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