Where am I going?

Roughly, this is my plan:

The flights are marked in red, the overland parts in orange.

On July 1 I’ll fly into Memphis, Tennessee, by way of London and Dallas. After a couple of days and my very first Independence Day celebration, I’m heading on a road trip of the Eastern states (details in my older post). July 21-25 I’ll be in Portland, Oregon at the Oregon Brewers Festival, a huge beer festival. Then, back to Memphis and a few days later: off to Miami Beach.

On August 1 I’ll be starting the more adventurous part of my trip. All the dates/periods are tentative and can/will change depending on local conditions and my enjoyment of the places, but I’m hoping to travel from Colombia to Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina, ending up in Buenos Aires around the end of October. Highlights for me are taking the footpath to Macchu Picchu, as well as visiting Patagonia.

From Buenos Aires, I hop over to Sydney and I’ll spend the next three months in Australia and New Zealand, visiting my good friend Kelvin in Adelaide, taking trips into the outback, making the trek up the northeastern coast, and spending a few weeks in New Zealand.

In early February I’m heading to Hong Kong for a week, then down to Bangkok. After a few weeks of beach life in Thailand I want to go (circumstances permitting) to Burma for two weeks. After that, my last stint of my trip will be about two months travelling through Bangladesh and India, with hopefully also a trip up to Nepal.

All in all, it should be sometime in June when I get to Mumbai, where there’ll be a plane waiting to take me back to Amsterdam.

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