So far, so good: Memphis

It took 22 hours of travelling wedged in-between small screaming kicking children, but I made it to Memphis Tennessee just fine. Having been here twice already there isn’t much sightseeing that needs to be done, instead it’s nice to reconnect with my friends here and meet new ones.

For Friday’s game I had brought my orange jumpsuit to represent my country, and after the shocking/awesome victory I decided to just keep wearing it the rest of the day. Of course an orange jumpsuit also makes me look like a prison inmate around here, and the amount of prison-break comments outnumbered the football/soccer comments about ten to one.

Yesterday was Independence Day, which is celebrated by variations on the theme fire. Barbecue, fireworks and amateur pyromania are the cornerstones of this national holiday. As such, we obliged and I made a little video of it:

It took about 30 minutes to go from shooting off single bottle rockets to tying all available explosives together, dousing them in gasoline, and then setting fire to it. Good times!

Another American tradition I was exposed to is shotgunning a beer. Basically you punch a hole in the bottom, put that hole to your mouth, then open the can on top. The beer comes rushing down and it’s up to you to swallow it as soon as possible. The tricky part is that it gets quite foamy and you can expect to spend the next minute or two burping loudly. That part I edited out of this video:

Finally, to get all this fireworks we had to go down to Mississippi to this giant circus tent which housed all the explosives. While down there, Sam and I made a stop at one of his favorite lunch places down there. They have about 150 different milkshakes, and for all the specials they make great posters:

Tomorrow I’m heading out to the Great Smoky Mountains. I’ll be watching the game on the road somewhere, good luck Oranje!

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  1. Kelvin says:

    Oh yeah, shotgunning beers is great. In Canada a beer company called molson made a can specifically for shotgunning called cold shots. 250ml can, 7% alcohol, and target printed on the side near the bottom so you knew what the beer was for. Good times

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