Road trip complete

After about 2,500 miles and 120 gallons of gas, I’m back in Memphis. The second half of my road trip took me from West Virginia to Washington DC, North Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. You can see the full set of pictures here, and the highlights below.

A trip of contrasts, to be sure. Going from the stately Mall in Washington DC with its grand Romanesque architecture to the down-home countryside of North Carolina was a major change of pace, and one that I appreciated.

I found DC to be overblown with lots of monuments, pillars, domes, temples, and flags everywhere. The surrounding neighborhoods were much nicer, but the center itself was not really my thing. Good museums, but also crazy amounts of walking to get from one end to another. It also seems that around 8pm, everyone in DC is either on their way to or just getting out of the gym. And they drive like absolute lunatics here, always way too fast, swerving from lane to lane, pulling out or braking with no warning. The whole country is terrible at driving, but DC was especially bad.

Visiting Will and his fiancee Katherine (and her little girl CC) was great. They have an idyllic little spot in the country where I spent a very chill couple of days lying in the hammock, shooting the shit about old times with Will. He’s in a really good spot, with beautiful people around him, and it was great to be there a few days.

Finally my last stop was Savannah, an old colonial town that was one of the few towns not destroyed in the Civil War. It’s got beautiful, massive trees that are coated in a thick moss, and these giants shade the streets and parks. Together with the sea breeze coming in, it’s pretty much the perfect place to live. Too bad I only had one day there, but I’m sure I’ll be back at some point.

Here’s some pictures:

Next stop is Portland, Oregon where I’m going to one of the biggest beer festivals in the world. When I get over the hangover, I’ll share some stories.

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