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Earthquakes, Deserts, Incas and Astronauts

Why is it that everything interesting in Peru is uphill? I´ve swapped the casual chillout of Mancora for a whirlwind tour of Peru, spending about 50 hours on buses and a half hour on a plane. And having to do … Continue reading

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Peru: first time for everything

This post is coming at you from a state of total relaxation. I’ve been spending the last week in Mancora, Peru, where the sun’s always out, it’s a steady 27 degrees with a mild breeze all day, and the only … Continue reading

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Ecuador: tries to kill you

So after a month in Colombia I’ve arrived in Ecuador, the land of fire and ice. It’s a great country with lots of variety in its landscapes, but also the unfortunate tendency to try and inflict physical harm on its … Continue reading

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