The Superclasico: world’s craziest football match

Even though I’m now in Australia (and you can start expecting updates about my travels here soon), I wanted to share one last thing from South America.

The Superclasico is a football match between the two biggest teams in Buenos Aires, River Plate and Boca Juniors. It’s a very, very intense rivalry, dividing the city in half. To the fans, the success of the season depends more on the outcome of this game than the competition as a whole. When English newspaper The Independent made a list of the sporting events to see before you die, they placed this game at the very top.

The Superclasico was the reason why I’d been rushing through Bolivia to make it to Buenos Aires in time for the match. Originally it was scheduled for the 6th but it was postponed at the last minute to the 16th (I certainly didn’t mind having to spend two weeks in BA). So this in effect became my last outing in South America, and I was very excited.

It was, in a word, amazing. The passion of the fans, all the smoke and fireworks, the nonstop chanting, and of course the insane celebration of the winning goal. I’m lucky to have caught some of it on my Flipcam, including the goal and ensuing craziness. Here is a quick edit of those moments:

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